fine art by jeffrey lew

photographic series

To create these works, Jeffrey Lew has has chosen photographs from his extensive collection of 35 millimeter photos that he has taken from around the world that stick in his mind. These are enlarged to a size of 30 inches by 40 inches and then Jeffrey takes them and paints on top of the enlarged pictures to turn the prictures into an entirely new creation. It's going to be hard for you to determine where the photgraph ends and the painting begins. A forerunner in this field, Jeffrey Lew has been creating these pieces for a number of decades and has quite a collection of pieces. In various galleries and museums around the world thesee pieces can be found.

Each of these pieces are mounted on panels of wood or plastic with a permanent adhesion process. Archivally speaking, these works are permanent.

Each work is unique, never to be created again. Since each piece is one of a kind, commission pieces are available on request.